A chillcoat for your dog

A bathrobe for the dog? Why…?

chillcoat for your dog at pet styling cecile

Your dog will be dry in no time after a walk in the rain, a swim or bath. There will be little to no water spraying about when your dog shakes itself dry. Your dog loves wearing a comfortable Chillcoat when it is cold and wet.


bathrobe fot your dog at pet styling cecile
The Chillcoat bathrobes for dogs are made of high quality microfiber material with excellent water absorption. The comfortable and warm bathrobe is suitable for all dogs, both long-haired and short-haired, no matter their size.
Machine washable up to 90 degrees Celsius (please do not use softener!!)

Easy to dry your dog quickly with a chillcoat
The Superfurdogs Chillcoat is very easy to use.
Pop the bathrobe over the dog’s head and fasten the ‘belly flap’ first with a Velcro strap and then with a fastening at the back. The dog is able to wag its tail freely allowing it to move without feeling restricted.


Dry your wet dog very fast with a chillcoat
A perfect fit is very important too!
An oversized bathrobe will overshoot the mark and therefore, SuperFurDogs Chillcoat comes in no less than 9 sizes (from 4XS up to 2XL)!!!