A hair loss treatment


Does loose hair drive you crazy?
A special moulting reduce therapy may help!

You wish to deal quickly with your dog’s hair loss in an animal-friendly way? Perhaps it is worth considering a special moulting reduce therapy! By giving your dog a bath with a shampoo especially designed for its coat which we give a thorough soaking, the old loose fur will absorb the water. This encourages loose hair to fall out when blow-drying your dog. In this animal and fur-friendly way you help your dog to get rid of loose fur in a quick way. It is important that you refrain from brushing or combing your dog. This is a temporary solution, but brushing will increase shedding!

A special moulting reduce therapy includes 2 treatments. In cases of extreme hair loss more treatments may be necessary. It will help your dog to get through the moulting process, it prevents excessive moulting and promotes a clean, beautiful and healthy coat. Of course, this saves you a lot of time and reduces the amount of hair and dust floating around your house!

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