Australian Cobberdog Tieske

Tieske is an Australian Cobberdog.
By clicking on the picture it will be enlarged.

Australian Cobberdog at groomingshop Pet Styling Eindhoven
Australian Cobberdog at groomer Veldhoven
Australian Cobberdog cut by groomer Cecile at Pet Styling Eindhoven

Australian Labradoodle Beer

After it’s visit to grooming salon Pet Styling Cecile Australian Labradoodle Beer is as soft as a teddy bear.

a beautiful haircut for labradoodle Beer at grooming salon Eindhoven
Groomer Cecile groomed a beautiful australian labadoodle in Veldhoven

Lagotto Romagnolo


This is Jack, a Lagotto Romagnolo.

lagotto romagnolo at groomingshop Pet Styling Cecile
water dog lagotto romagnolo at Pet Styling Cecile Eindhoven
Grooming waterdog Lagotto Romagnolo at Pet Styling Eindhoven

Labradoodle Jessy

labradoodle for a haircut at groomer pet styling cecile eindhoven
labradoodle for a haircut at groomer pet styling cecile veldhoven

Sjorz, the labradoodle

Meet Sjorz, a beautiful black labradoodle with a little white mark.

labradoodle with the groomer Pet Styling Cecile Eindhoven
groomer Pet Styling Cecile scissor a labradoodle in Eindhoven Veldhoven

Shiraz, a labradoodle

Shiraz is only one year old and already he is loose on the table.
Except when I make a picture 😉

washed labradoodle by Pet Styling Cecile
Ear protecting when blowdrying a labradoodle by pet styling cecile
Cutting a labradoodle by groomer Pet styling Cecile Eindhoven

Labradoodle Cato

Our doodle Cato had a very long coat. We cut it at about 2 cm.

Brushing doodle Cato

Cato was at the groomers salon for brushing her coat. Now she has no matts, and her hair can stay longer.

brush doodle grooming at pet styling cecile eindhoven