Caucasian Shepherd Dog Scinta

This sweet and amazing dog is Scinta, a Caucasian Shepherd dog, or as we in dutch say, Kaukasische Owcharka.




English Springer Spaniel

This is Luna, a English Springer Spaniel.
She was very tired after her first groom, so she would not stand up for the picture.

grooming a english springer spaniel at pet styling cecile
english springer spaniel by groomer pet styling cecile veldhoven

Lisa, the chihuahua

Chihuahua after her first haircut.
Isn’t she lovely?

chihuahua with groomer Pet Styling Cecile eindhoven veldhoven

Kooikerhondje Kobus

Kobus, my sweet friend, visited our grooming salon for hand stripping.

hand stip grooming salon pet styling cecile
hand stripping at pet styling cecile grooming veldhoven

Briard Willem

Briard Willem had due to circumstances a lot of tangles and was very matted. This is why we clipped him short. Willem was very happy losing his heavy coat.

Kooiker Grizmo

Kooikerhondje Grizmo had a wonderful grooming treatment. Unfortunatelly his boss already cut of the hair from his ear, so there is a gap. Still he is a handsome dog. Additional benefit, his boss experiences less maintenance of Grizmo.

Jessy, the Australian Shepherd

Puppy Jessy came for her first grooming treatment.