A White German Shepherd

This is Fay, a white German Sherperd. She came for a puppy treatment.
Very wise, because these dogs can shed enormously. A hair loss treatment in the trimshop helps immensely.
When you have already experienced this as a pup, the treatment at a later age is no longer scary.

Poodle Kono

This is Kono, she is 12 weeks old.

We gave her a bath, and clipped her feet and face.

poodle grooming at Pet Styling Cecile Eindhoven
Poodle groomers at Pet Styling Cecile clipping scissor veldhoven
poodle puppy at grooming salon Pet Styling Cecile Eindhoven

Puppy Moose

Moose is a crossed breed ( Poodle with a Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terriër)

wheaten puppy with groomer Pet Styling Cecile Eindhoven
Puppy Wheaten terrier at groomer Pet Styling Cecile Veldhoven

Mixed breed Wolff

Wolff came together with her big sister Teiger to our shop. This good looking girl was cut completely. She was great on our table, just like her big sister.

maltese dog grooming at pet styling cecile veldhoven
maltese puppy grooming salon pet styling cecile veldhoven

Puppy Teddy

Puppy Teddy is a mixed breed with some Shih Tzu.

shih tzu mix breed grooming eindhoven

German pointer Maggie

Maggie is a mixed breed with some German pointer. She is only 5 months old so she came for her first hand strip.
You did great Maggie, see you next time.

german pointer puppy grooming at pet styling cecile meerhoven

Labradoodle Shiraz

Shiraz is a labradoodle puppy. We cut him for the first time. His bosses wanted us to leave the mustache and ears longer, so we did.