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Whatever their size or breed, in our grooming salon each dog will receive our best care and attention.
To ensure that your dog will get our full attention we offer our services by appointment only! Grooming also includes washing, blow-drying, ear cleaning and nail clipping and/or filing. If ticks are found on your dog then, of course, we will remove them.

You can bring every dog to a grooming salon. Many dog breeds are not capable anymore to take care of their coat themselves. If this isn’t done carefully by a professional dog groomer and of course the owner himself, it may cause big problems. Your dog’s coat may become matted which may result in nasty and painful skin problems. Dogs become filthy if they are not treated well. So therefore, grooming is really necessary!

Grooming is not unnatural as a dog descends from a wolf. All breeds originated from wolves, however, over time different types of fur developed. A wolf has a short and thick double coat just like a German shepherd, with long guard hairs on top and an undercoat. A wolf sheds its coat twice a year which means that it loses its undercoat at once after which it will regrow.

Each coat type demands a different kind of grooming. Grooming includes hair trimming such as shaving, cutting, hair thinning, hair plucking and hand stripping, washing, combing and/or brushing.

Rough-coated dogs have a double coat: a soft undercoat and on top rough guard hairs. These rough hairs also fall out twice a year. The guard hairs need to be plucked by hand. If we don’t do this, dead hairs give rise to itching. The dog will start to scratch and bite his skin which will result in skin problems.

Spaniels, Setters and Retrievers have soft and shiny guard hairs with an undercoat and they have long mild feathering on their legs, ears, belly and tail. The undercoat is removed and the rest of the coat will be styled (by plucking and/or cutting).

Poodle breeds, Maltese dogs, Yorkshire terriers and Shih Tzu dogs have long soft hair and are considered to be very low shedding. Like our own hair, it continues to grow if we don’t cut it. From a practical point of view, this hair is often cut shorter and then styled according to the owner’s wishes.