Below you can see some pictures of dogs that visited our trim shop.
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Curly coated dogs

Australian Cobberdog cut by groomer Cecile at Pet Styling EindhovenGroomer Cecile groomed a beautiful australian labadoodle in VeldhovenGrooming waterdog Lagotto Romagnolo at Pet Styling Eindhovenlabradoodle for a haircut at groomer pet styling cecile veldhovengroomer Pet Styling Cecile scissor a labradoodle in Eindhoven VeldhovenCutting a labradoodle by groomer Pet styling Cecile Eindhoven

Hair loss treatments

Bernese mountain dog grooming salon meerhovenlabrador grooming dogs eindhoven by pet styling cecile veldhovenchihuahua grooming in eindhoven at pet styling cecile

Maltese, Shih Tzu etc.

cutting a little dog by groomer pet styling cecilegrooming shih tzu at pet styling cecile veldhovenboomer mixed breed grooming salon pet styling eindhovenmaltese dogs grooming at pet styling cecile veldhovenlittle dog grooming cutting pet styling cecile veldhovenshih tzu grooming at pet styling veldhoven

Other breeds

english springer spaniel by groomer pet styling cecile veldhovenchihuahua with groomer Pet Styling Cecile eindhoven veldhovenhand stripping at pet styling cecile grooming veldhoven


poodle puppy at grooming salon Pet Styling Cecile EindhovenPuppy Wheaten terrier at groomer Pet Styling Cecile Veldhovenmaltese puppy grooming salon pet styling cecile veldhovengerman pointer puppy grooming at pet styling cecile meerhoven